About us

We are an Agency of the Visual Advertising that offers a wide range of services.

Long-standing experience allows us to render professional services and provide the highest quality products. We have learnt much about materials, assemblies and solutions in the field of visual and luminous advertising.
However, the market is constantly changing and generating new possibilities at every turn. Therefore, our aim is to monitor changes, progress and innovation continuously in order to offer you all what is the best at the optimum price. Our employees are constantly developing. Effects of our work motivate us to action, whereas results of our work confirm our customers in their belief that it is worthwhile to cooperate with us.
Cohesive and modern elements of visual advertisement became our speciality. They are among others: advertising panels, advertising pylons, boards, letters and spatial signs, plexiglass, wood and metal products, including steel and aluminium constructions. As a part of comprehensive actions we also deal with cars and company fleets labelling, designing and  carrying out modern market developments as well as POS and Pop stalls.
Apart from a specialized team working for our Customers, we permanently  cooperate with the best specialists from different fields in order to offer you full and complex service. Therefore, we give to your disposal a potential in a form of designers, technologists, structural engineers and many other people of different specializations dedicated for creating and supervising tasks we are commissioned to.
Moreover, we apply a number of inventive solutions, so that our work is optimized as much as it is possible. We use modern tools and equipment  from the department of the workshop to the section of customer service and administration. All projects are appropriately supervised and archived what is significant for task repetitiveness or cost optimization.
We invite you to have a direct contact with our company, guaranteeing you the full commitment...